Special Educational Needs

SEN report


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We strive to ensure that all children are able to access learning and achieve their potential in a safe and stimulating environment.

Some children may find this more difficult due to a special educational need which may or may not have been diagnosed by a professional. Following careful monitoring and discussions between staff, SENCO and parents these children may be placed on the SEN register and an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be drawn up. This IEP will identify small step targets to help the child to make progress and identify provision and any outside agencies that are involved. IEP’s are reviewed termly.

Outside agencies who work alongside us

  • Speech therapist
  • PALS (Plymouth Advisory Learning support)
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Play therapist
  • Learning mentors
  • Social workers
  • Adoption support workers
  • Communication Interaction Team (speech & language and Autistic spectrum disorder)


We support our children’s academic, emotional, social and behavioural development through our curriculum but for some children additional group or individual work may be necessary. These groups vary according to the current needs of the pupils but may include:

-         Theraplay

-         Emotional Literacy

-         Managing Anxiety

-         Building Self esteem

-         Numeracy catch up

-         Phonological awareness

-         Social skills

-         Transition group

-         Precision teaching

Pupils are supported in class through differentiated tasks, resources and Teacher/Teaching assistant support. Pupils needs may be met by the school provision alone and they will be identified as School Action on the SEN code of practice. Those pupils who require assessment or intervention from outside agencies will be placed at School Action Plus and those pupils with more complex and high level needs may have a Statement of Special Educational Needs issued by the Local Authority.


School SENDCo is Mrs Sarah Baxter  Mrs Sarah Baxter<p><br>B.Ed (Hons)</p><p>Year 5 Teacher</p>


SEN Offer


From April 2014, the Local Authority (LA) will publish its SEN strategy and by September 2014 it is necessary to publish the local and school offers. Statements will be replaced by Education and Health Care Plans, as a result of the paper Children and Families 2011 Bill from 0 (birth) to 25. There is a new SEN Code of Practice. Budgets will need to receive contributions from Health, Education and Social Care.


At Plympton St Maurice Primary, we have access to the Multi Agency Support Team (MAST), which includes counsellors, therapists, learning mentors and Educational Psychologists (EPs) who add their expertise. We have Teaching Assistants (TAs) skilled in Special Educational Needs (SEN) in each class, who have been trained in precision teaching, Read Write Inc, Attachment and aspects of Dyspraxia and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through the CIT, PALS and Tamhs in Plymouth. Some Teaching assistants are employed one to one to support children with a statement, and others are employed as general TAs to support learning across the school. All our TA's are trained to provide emotional literacy support (ELSA’s).


We are proud of the pastoral support we provide. We provide sports equipment at lunchtimes to engage pupils, with the aim to keeping them active and to reduce incidents of inappropriate behaviour.  We use Social Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) during whole school assembly times to support pupil’s emotional and social development.


We believe that Inclusion and the involvement of the young person, improves lifelong outcomes. We aim to listen to the views of pupils, through our active School Council meetings and parents are invited to join the school’s Parent Council. If parents are concerned about their child’s development, academically or otherwise, parents can make contact with their child’s teacher every morning on the playground. From this initial contact, further meetings can be arranged to meet with either the class teacher, Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCo) or the Headteacher.  All Parents are invited to meet teachers on a more formal basis, at Parent/teacher consultation evenings at least 3 times a year. In addition parents of SEN pupils are invited to attend the annual and IEP reviews.


Teachers modify their teaching strategies and approaches as necessary and use ancillary aids. As with all children, we assess and review progress against outcomes and track SEN pupils, to judge the effectiveness of interventions, every 6 weeks through pupil progress meetings. Support is provided within delegated school funds and any additional funding provided through statements.


Where appropriate we will use visual timetables, social stories, and ICT equipment to support with communication and learning. We provide enhanced transition to support children moving within phases, in and out of settings and across key stages. Some support will require additional resources and we will bid for funds as and when appropriate. We have an annual SEN budget and receive pupil premium in the delegated budget. By using Fair Access Protocol and panel in Plymouth, LA, we can (if necessary) seek additional support for children at risk from exclusion.


This SEN offer is part of the Equality Duty and our Accessibility Plan.  Our SENDCo is Mrs Baxter who can be contacted at school on: 01752 337427. The MAST team can be contacted, via the Excellence Cluster at Pounds House, Outland Road, Plymouth on 304061.


The Local Authority SEN offer will be posted on the Plymouth City Council website.